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  Some weeks back we had a Madlib tribute night at a local club, playing a share of his bulk of production and word play. Selecting records for this night made me revisiting his work, some of it I haven't been listening to in a long while, some I barely remembered as it seemed to have fallen unacknowledged under the heavy loads of material being released constantly over the years. A couple of days after the party, I realized that I needed to compile some of his greatest work to date (in my biased and humble opinion) in a mix. We had left out too much crazy dope stuff that night for it being too short, too weird or just out of mind (aka not suitable). Unarguably a mix of Madlib's greatest work could just be a compilation of Madvillain, Jaylib and Quasimoto tracks, but since I have being playing those over and over again, my focus lay on seeking out bits and pieces from the rest of his vast catalog. I hope you enjoy!

Artwork by Oiler

You can download the mix HERE

You can download the cover HERE

Or you can stream the mix HERE
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