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  CASSETTE from ish  
  khaderbai produced it. Oiler designed it.
J. Sayne cassetted it. You bought it. Period.

  khaderbai is Switzerland's 'Hans Dampf in allen Gassen' - you might know him because he talked to you on Facebook before, or he hit you up in the streets outside a small but good club, or from his infamous beat sessions called 'Le Flah'. khaderbai is an unhurried fellow, never in a rush but always headed towards the next event, the next record store, the next beat, the next something. And his music captures all that with snuggish, headnodding little scrapes from the chalkboard. We thought it was best to release this on cassette. Bring it with you to the next bbq, get your walkman or ghettoblaster out, loosen that beanie on your head and nod to khaderbai's vibes.

Tracklist from the cassette
'guetsli, krüml no.02' -
listen to snippet below:

A1 Chop Application
A2 Chnopf
A3 Doch no
A4 Stocki
A5 Janiskopf
A6 Henri Rousseau
A7 Im Chreis
A8 Gymnobéatie 1

B1 Crooked
B2 Los mol
B3 Gymnobéatie 2
B4 Snazzy
B5 Something About A Gun
B6 Krankenstein
B7 Lehrlauf

music by khaderbai
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