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  Rou Puckt Videos  
  First time we did some actual videos for songs - lo-fi, just the way we like them. Filmed by Julian Sartorius. Dancer Cosima Grand.
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Brom Instrumental
  Rou Puckt 7 inch  
  Julian Sartorius produced it. Oiler designed it. Joseph Francino silkscreen printed it. You bought it. Period.

  CASSETTE from ish  
  khaderbai produced it. Oiler designed it.
J. Sayne cassetted it. You bought it. Period.

  Percussion drummer Julian Sartorius Puckt problems like punctuation points roi singer inspiration and stimulation solutions, this is a one-piece models. Sartorius' s wonderful performance and different drums school Pierre Favre, improvisation, description rap for participation (yet shooting had not begun), hands, potatoes, palettes, brushes, a combination of old and vintage kit, and us both studio and the way we like. Sartorius logo is full of birds; tremors, low tone and emphasis balefully tramping heartbeat; hi-hat, stars are reduced; sound hole and multiplying brushstroke - and all lovers of rap, lurchings satire turns into a life like all those bits and disorientation. If it works it depends on their intent, deep, disturbing acoustic dance but Sartorius game is very different, he is a uniquely elegant and powerful hips possible options. Keep wind and have a great reputation, Notorious B.I.G., Gang Star Line and the last poet, music. Incredible fun and different, emotion.  
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